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WOMEN BEHIND THE WHEEL will be released around International Women's Day, March 2023. Screenings and Q & As at the following cinemas: 


SOLD OUT - Sunday 5th March at 3pm – Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford - buy tickets here

SOLD OUT - Wednesday 8th March at 8pm – The Garden Cinema, London - buy tickets here

SOLD OUT - Thursday 9th March AT 6:30PM – Curzon, London Victoria - buy tickets here


SOLD OUT - FRIDAY 10TH MARCH AT 6:15PM - BAFTA Screening, Run Run Shaw 195 Piccadilly, London - buy tickets here

Saturday 11th March at 3:15pm - QFT, Belfast - buy tickets here

SOLD OUT Sunday 12th March at 6pm – The Rex Cinema, Berkhamsted - buy tickets here

SOLD OUT - Sunday 19th March at 2:30pm – The Castle Cinema (in partnership with We Are Doc Women, London) - buy tickets here

MEMBERS ONLY - MONDAY 20TH MARCH AT 1PM - BAFTA Screening, Run Run Shaw 195 Piccadilly, London - buy tickets here

 One World Festival, Prague

FRIDAY 24th March AT 8:30PM , Directors Q&A  tickets here

Saturday 25th March AT 3PM , Q&A with Kyrgyz journalist Perizat Saitburkhan  tickets here

Monday 27th March AT 8:30PM   tickets here

Monday 27th March at 6:20pm – Lexi Cinema, London - buy tickets here

Saturday 1st April At 5:30pm – GFT, Glasgow - buy tickets here

friday 28th april, 7:00pm – The Ritzy, Brixton - buy tickets here

Please check back if ticket links are not yet available. We'll have them up shortly!

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Cat and Hannah, two British women in their twenties, take on the gruelling 3000km drive along Central Asia's Pamir Highway - the second highest international road on Earth. It runs from southern Uzbek deserts, through Tajikistan's Pamir mountain range, climbing over 4600m, into Kyrgyzstan and all the way to its vibrant capital, Bishkek.

Their route brings them to the doorsteps of women from all walks of life, revealing a women's movement that's had as many ups and downs as the drive itself. A 78 year-old gynaecologist recalls the turbulent transition from Soviet rule to independence, and testimonies of domestic abuse, 'bride kidnapping' and religious extremism expose the region's complex attitude to women's rights.


But despite the evident patriarchal oppression in these countries, it's certainly not the whole picture. Stories of female empowerment against all odds emerge, from a group training Tajikistan's first ever female trekking guides to a feminist collective running workshops on sexual pleasure.


This is a story of female emancipation and solidarity across different cultures that have a lot more in common than they might have thought. 

"In an age of Skyscanner and Ryanair, Haigh and Congdon have accomplished a vanishing feat: a true adventure"

"A journey of womanhood, diversity and human emotion in its purest form"


"A reminder of our commonality and what it means to be young and curious; to treat people with kindness and treasure the kindness they showed us in return"


"An ode to the quiet revolution, little acts of militancy and resistance, small cafes, small hubs, small communities...a bona fide documentary, bridging cultures and people, giving voice to the daughters of a neglected part of Asia" 


"A portrayal of genuine women in every ounce of their flawed glory"


"Two engaging unknowns have the ability to ask pointed questions of those that they meet and make us feel that we are going along with them like lucky travelling companions"




"A celebration of the shared experiences of womanhood"



"Continuously compelling"



In March 2019 Cat and Hannah received a John Brabourne Award, which recognises emerging UK talent in film and television. In July, the film was selected as the winner of the 2019 Edinburgh International Film Festival's Work in Progress Pitch. 

In August 2022 Women Behind the Wheel premiered at Edinburgh International Film Festival, where we were delighted to sell out both our screenings. The film has also been selected for One World Festival in Prague and No Man's Land Festival in Denver. 

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This film has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Film and TV Charity, iWoman TV, Edinburgh International Film Festival, The Lady Eleanor Holles Talent Fund, and countless individuals who contributed to our crowdfund along the way. You know who you are and we couldn't be more grateful. 

If you'd like to discuss other ways to get involved with the film get in touch with us at


We worked closely with a range of charities across Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the making of this film. We are committed to using the documentary to raise awareness for their determined efforts to support women across the region. Click on the links below to check out their stories. 

If you would like to make a direct donation, one of the women that features in the film - Jamilya - is looking to raise funds for the women's refuge she has set up in her rural town of Karakol. The refuge is currently housing at least three families that have been forced to flee their homes due to domestic violence. 


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the aga khan foundation

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) works towards the vision of an economically dynamic, politically stable, intellectually vibrant and culturally tolerant Tajikistan



The BEARR Trust supports civil society organisations working with vulnerable people in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. 

women rockin' the pamirs

Women Rockin’ Pamirs supports the empowerment of women through 

exploration, travel and training initiatives in mountain-related professions, namely trekking. 

UN women kyrgyzstan

UN Women in Kyrgyzstan prioritises initiatives and programmes in these areas that are fundamental to women’s equality and that can unlock progress for both women and men

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cat & Hannah

Dartmouth Films

020 7845 5857

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